Despite having to work (very very) late tonight and having to break plans with some friends, there are advantages to working on the water.

I like his butt.

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After a recent visit with some of my old friends in Ottawa, Foxxy and I are considering a move to the nation’s capital. Any of you fellow Canadian kinksters know what the scene is like there? If so send me a message.

I know that its been an astonishing length of time since I’ve been active, and for that I truly do apologize. Life (primarily Foxxy) has kept me in a constant state of busy. Hopefully I can get back to posting on a more regular basis, because follower tumblr-ers: you are awesome and I’ve missed you.



Foxxy and I. Except her arm pillow is a teddy bear that’s only use is as a pillow.

1. Miss can identify my ass from a series of pictures when I cannot, because of a freckled on my right ball.
2. I’m a really big fan of really high quality lube for being on the recieving end of a cock.
3. Miss likes how I thrust when my arms are bound behind me.
4. See #2.

It’s that time of year again followers. I’ve got to change my blog’s description because as of tomorrow, I’m no longer 27. I have no real plans at the moment, but apparently Miss has an idea or two for my evening. I promise to make sure my camera is available to her, so you all may get a chance to see what she’s come up with.

I’m fairly lucky that today isn’t a warmer day than it is. I’m working in the sun today and without thinking grabbed a black shirt for work. With the scratches Miss left all over my back, were I working up more of a sweat I’m sure I would be getting sharply stinging reminders of last night.

My hands are still tied in the ropes Miss used to restrain me tonight (they’re just no longer attached to anything). Apparently I fuck well when I’m not allowed use of my hands.



Well I’m the owner of the now apparently defunct fruit-by-the-foot blog.  Someone tried to hack it, and so they reset the password by sending it to my email. Unfortunately I hadn’t updated the email account since I lost access to that particular one semi-recently.  So if you followed the old fruit by the foot, please reblog this so other people can find me again!

reblog and get this out there! I’m trying to follow as many of the blogs I used to follow as I can!